Skeezicks – A beautiful, simple Netbeans theme

To install theme open up Netbeans and go options (preferences in osx) and click on import on the bottom of the preferences box. Then choose the zip file to import the skeezicks theme. This theme is geared toward php, html and js development. Check out the screenshot below. Enjoy!


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MarkyH theme for gEdit

Here’s my MarkyH theme for gEdit which I use occasionally. Enjoy!

Download markyh.png

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Kohana Validation Cheatsheet

Here is a cheatsheet that I copied from the Kohana docs and put into pdf format. Enjoy.


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Another quick fix for “The system administrator has set policies to prevent this installation” error

Just got this error the other day while working on a friend’s computer. I tried all the suggestions from here: but to no avail.
What finally worked was downloading and and re-installing Windows Installer 4.5. Here is the link to the download page: I hope that can help some of you.Technorati Tags:

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My Netbeans Theme – Markyh

Here is my theme that I use for netbeans. It’s a mixture of Dr. Nic’s theme with a little dark textmate stuff rolled in. I hope you like it. I use Netbeans on an Ubuntu Linux laptop and work mainly with php, ruby and javascript and using this theme has made things a lot easier. The font in the picture is FreeMono.

To install the theme, open the zip file and place the contents in the netbeans/$version/Editors directory. If you just want to use the colors and keep the same font, don’t overwrite the editor personal preferences file.


Font: FreeMono.ttf


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